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David Latin

A leader, advisor, connector, director and investor who has worked at executive and board levels in major multinational corporations for decades.


After co-founding First Alpha Energy Capital LLP as an investment vehicle in 2016,  First Alpha Services Ltd was established to advise company boards on business development, M&A and strategy. In addition a leadership and personal development service offering was created for individuals, teams, business organisations and universities.

With particular strengths in energy, leading and managing large organisations, investing, geosciences, and digital technology and an interest in the energy transition, my deep global network spans across the energy industry, governments and universities, and I am uniquely good at making connections and spotting possibilities.


Grounded in extensive business and life experiences, my approach is above all, practical and pragmatic, with a style that is easy and conversational - and when required, very open and direct. 


I am a passionate advocate of worthy causes and I believe in connecting people and ideas to create better outcomes for everybody.

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