What Others Say

Honestly, at the start I was not sure what to expect of your program. It is something I now believe will change my life. This is on a different level. Thought provoking and it challenges my believe system already. Thank you very much for broadening my thought process (PhD Student)


Dave is an exceptional communicator with an ability to work 'up, across and down'; inspiring and inciting with low ego (Executive Vice President, Operations)​

I would particularly like to give thanks to David Latin. 2020 so far has posed many challenges to the world and many recent graduates. David's outstanding personal mentoring and leadership seminars have been of great value to me and many other graduates and professionals in navigating this difficult time. (Masters Graduate, 2020) 

It is hard to find somebody with Dave’s experience, openness, passion and ability to improve your business development, performance, and strategy (Founder, Exploration Company)

You really understand how to drive change and have many years of experience doing it (Senior Vice President, Major Oil & Gas Co.)

Dave is extremely experienced and passionate about the business but what truly sets him apart is that he is an authentic leader with great communication skills who finds time to make everyone in the team feel valued. (Project Manager (UK) Major Integrated Oil & Gas Company)​

I benefited enormously from your easy coaching style and ‘storytelling’ experiences when we worked together. (MD, UK Company)


I don't know if you've actually realised how absolutely golden each line, and even word is...  You squeezed out the essence of organisational, political or even human social behaviour when you talked of the difference between "management" and "leadership" being in the how and what vs. why and where to.  You have analysed what others call "charisma", an abstraction to make up for the inability to explain the art of mastering the very multi- sensory and multi-dimensional communication skill to get to the hearts and minds of the people you lead. (Country Manager, Iran)​

Dave brings much needed diversity and understands adaptive change (Upstream CEO, Major Integrated Oil & Gas Company, Europe)


A gifted communicator who knows how to embrace different cultures and get the best from diverse teams. Dave creates powerful dialogue through imagery as well as story telling with a strong ability to listen to and create new thoughts in people (Senior Vice President - Major Energy Company, Europe)

I remember the workshop where Leadership Above The Line was the main topic. It sounds really fantastic and exciting that you are starting to work in that area - especially as you are a great leader yourself and you gave people the chance to develop and value their strengths. For me it was always great to work in your team and I miss your leadership style! (Regional Manager, Integrated Energy Company)

I like your openness, your approach to people and to collaborative working - great to work with!(Senior Vice President Exploration, Energy Company)